The Center for Metabolomics and Proteomics (CMSP) facility provides support to the life sciences research community at the University of Minnesota. The CMSP - a subunit of the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics (BMBB) - is based on both campuses. CMSP provides expertise, equipment, training, and support for analyzing all types of biological molecules - with a focus on proteomic and metabolomic applications. With years of experience serving the entire biological science area of the University, the CMSP staff has a wide range of expertise in analytical methods used to characterize a broad range of molecule types. In addition to large-scale discovery studies, proteins, metabolites or other molecules of interest can be validated by targeted mass spectrometry methods.

Current Lab Members
Timothy J Griffin
Faculty Director
Candace R. Guerrero
Assistant Director
LeeAnn Higgins
Research Assistant Professor
Todd Markowski
Senior Scientist
Kevin Murray
Senior Scientist
Cesar Anguaya Velasquez
Thomas P. Krick
Senior Scientist (part-time)
Zachary Mayer
Charlotte Hemmila
Undergraduate student-scientist
Andrew T. Rajczewski
Andrew T Rajczewski
Postdoctoral Associate

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Advisory Committee and Support

Advisory Committee
Adrian Hegeman [email protected] CFANS/CBS
Amy Skubitz [email protected] Medical School
Ann Fallon [email protected] College of Natural Resources
Chris Wendt [email protected] Medical School/ VA
David Bernlohr [email protected] CBS/Medical School
Gary Nelsestuen [email protected] CBS/Medical School
Jerry Cohen [email protected] College of Natural Resources
Kenny Beckman [email protected] UM Genomics Center
Laurie Parker [email protected] CBS/Medical School
Mark DiStefano [email protected] CSE/Pharmacy
Mary Porter [email protected] CBS/Medical School
Yue Chen [email protected] CBS/Medical School