Call or send email to one of the core facility staff members regarding your project and request for services before you send samples to the core facility.

University of Minnesota Customer Sample Submission

CMSP will now be using our online Client Portal for establishing services, uploading billing information, submitting samples, monitoring sample queues and more.

If you are a new CMSP customer, please contact Candace Guerero ([email protected]) or LeeAnn Higgins ([email protected]) to gain access to the CMSP Portal.

CMSP Client Portal

Note! When you log onto the portal, enter your X500/Internet ID (not the full email address) and your UM password

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Client Portal Quick Instructions

Sign into VPN. Go to the Client Portal, type your X500/Internet ID in the Account Name field (not your full email address!) and enter your UM Password. Click on "+ New Experiment" button on the client portal. Fill in the pertinent fields and be sure to select the desired EFS string from the drop-down list. If the desired account is not in the list, cancel the submission and submit a valid EFS string from the Pending page. Please fill out samples names and a description of the analyses you request. Please add additional attachments and/or project backgrounds. Refer to the Help document for further details.

After New Experiment initiation, a temporary "Experiment Number" will be listed in the "My Pending Experiments" section and you will also receive an email with the Temporary Log number.

Reserve a time on the appropriate CMSP sample drop-off calendar before you deliver samples. Email or call to ensure CMSP personnel will be in the lab to receive your samples. If you're not sure where your samples should be delivered, please contact the lab. 

NOTE: All samples are analyzed in the order of receipt.

Sample turnaround time is dependent on the current sample queue and other factors, including instrumentation status (e.g., maintenance schedules).  Customer participation in sample preparation procedures is encouraged after proper instruction from lab staff.  Contact core facility staff for inquiries on sample status.

Gel sample submission information

  • Gel Submission Form Complete the PDF form; insert labeled gel image into the form; upload completed form with gel bands to your sample submission via CMSP Client Portal
  • Example Gel Image (with sample names labeled on gel image)

External Customers

Please fill out the form linked below to provide your account and billing information.  CMSP will create a Client Portal username and password for submitting samples and project-related information. 

Sample Submission and Shipment Guidelines (UMN and External Customers)

  1. Visit the CMSP Client Portal Website and "Add a New Experiment"
  2. Label your sample tubes on the LID or on the side with a Sharpie marker; include your initials, sample name and the Temporary Experiment number sent in the email to you after you completed the New Experiment submission process on the web-based Client Portal.
  3. If you label tubes on the side with a Sharpie, wrap a single layer of cellophane tape over the writing to prevent it from disappearing when samples are frozen and handled.
  4. Do not wrap colored laboratory tape around the sample tubes.
  5. Do not use Parafilm (unless instructed by a staff member for special sample types).
  6. If you are submitting gel bands, include the gel image as well.
  7. Place the sample tubes in a plastic bag or sample box and deliver or ship the samples on dry ice in a styrofoam box. If using dry ice, DO NOT create an air-tight seal around the box with dry ice (or the package could explode). Read more on Shipping with Dry Ice

For Deliveries via Fed Ex or other courier:

  • Include in the package a printed sheet containing your name and contact information, and the detailed sample preparation and experimental outline, including total protein amount.  If you are submitting gel bands, include the gel image as well.  
  • MAILING/SHIPPING ADDRESSES for sample submission (contact CMPS for the correct delivery location for your samples):

St. Paul Lab Shipping Address:
Center for Metabolomics and Proteomics
University of Minnesota
43 Gortner Lab
1479 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

Minneapolis Lab Shipping Address:
Center for Metabolomics and Proteomics
University of Minnesota
5-194 MCB
420 Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455

  • Shipment Note: We recommend that you ship samples on a Monday or Tuesday for overnight delivery.