CMSP uses Google Share Drive (GSD) as a means of disseminating your important data and results. PIs are urged to backup all contents on the GSD to a separate location.

CMSP is not responsible for retaining data beyond 90 days of data release to each users' Google Shared Drive.

UM Research Data Management Policy "...The PI is the steward of the research data that are under their control. PIs are responsible for managing access to research data under their stewardship..." [excerpt from full policy]

Each PI will have a folder that will be populated with one subfolder per lab researchers. 

  1. Each PI shared drive belongs to the PI. The PI is the GSD OVERALL manager and may add/change access rights for their researchers. If a researcher needs access the SGD owner (PI or CMSP) can grant access permissions for researchers within the folder permission settings. To request access and CMSP request form is provided below.
  2. The PI is responsible for data and results released in their GSD. 
  3. PIs are urged to backup all contents on the GSD.  PIs should have access to their data indefinitely, contingent on changes in the agreement between the UMN and Google.  As with any stored data, backup is recommended.
  4. By default, Researcher permissions are set to Commenter for opening and saving files. This prevents Researchers from modifying or deleting raw data or results which have been processed by CMSP. A PI may grant a Researcher high-level access and editing permissions but be reminded that original data can then be altered and CMSP does not retain backup files.

FIRST TIME USER? Obtain access to CMSP's Google Shared Drive HERE.
Data Sharing Instructionsvia Google Shared Drive


Software for Viewing Results
  • Proteome Discoverer: Download a free demo version of Proteome Discoverer 3.0 from ThermoFisher Scientific.
  • SCAFFOLD: Download Scaffold Viewer and install the latest software on your local computer. 
  • PEAKS Studio 11: Download PEAKS viewer (PC only, not Mac compatible)

    Link to PEAKS Studio 10 legacy version (copy/paste the link below into a web browser)