Targeted metabolomics

For assays targeting specific metabolites, CMSP staff members work with researchers to optimize sample preparation methods tailored to extraction and detection of specific molecule types. Whether you need an assay already established or developed, CMSP can help.

Discovery metabolomics

For untargeted profiling of metabolites in complex mixtures, we work with users to apply sample preparation procedures tailored to their research project objectives.  This includes procedures for extracting metabolites from biological matrices, as well as chemical derivatization where necessary.  These methods are selected based on classes of molecules of most interest to the researcher and tailored to the capabilities of the MS instrumentation ultimately used for analysis.  We have capabilities for preparing samples for either liquid chromatography (LC) or gas chromatography (GC) separations integrated with MS.


The CMSP is well-versed in diverse sample preparation methods for the extraction and processing of proteins and peptides from complex and simple biological samples.  Services are also available for stable isotope labeling to enable quantitative proteomics, fractionation of complex mixtures to increase MS sensitivity, and methods tailored to enrichment of PTMs (e.g., phosphorylation).  Staff work with researchers to customize preparation methods to their study wherever possible and train members of laboratories using the CMSP to prepare their own samples successfully.